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Advanced Precision CNC Milling Services

Our CNC Milling department allows us to manufacture intricate metal and plastic parts accurately while meeting tight tolerance requirements utilizing cutting tools at speeds reaching up to twenty thousand RPM. With combined experience of over twenty seven years,  and state of the art capabilities, Atomic Machine Inc. provides your parts on time, with superior automation and 24/7 operation. We are an one stop facility for your success. Our operators and programmers are highly skilled and possess a deep understanding of a machine's behavior to maximize performance and produce parts with elaborate and detailed design features.  The scope of our work includes small volume runs to mass production of one million units or more.  We currently manufacture precision complex parts for a wide range of industries all over the United States including Defense, Military, Medical and Aerospace industries. We can machine your components no matter the complexity, geometry or how exotic the material. To learn more about our capabilities, please contact us or request a quote.


Atomic Machine, Inc CNC Milling Service Benefits

With decades of experience and expertise in CNC machining services, we provide milling services involving the precision milling of metal, plastic and other exotic materials. 

The advantages of CNC milling among others are:

  • Workpieces are not moved through several workstations; they are completed on the 5axis machine alone with greater accuracy.

  • High Precision Tolerance. Custom CNC milling services that achieve an angular of two-thousandths of a degree (.002°), ranging from +/-0.001"-0.005", custom design depending on customer specifications.

  • Extensive Material Option. We offer a wide variety of certified materials (over 50 metal and plastic materials) and surface finishes are available.


What is CNC Milling

CNC milling is a machining process which produces custom-designed components by progressively removing material from the workpiece using rotating multi-point cutting tools and computerized controls.  

CNC mills provide superior material conservation efficiency, which leads to a reduction in material costs over the machine's lifespan.  CNC mills fabricate products such as complex short-run production parts, and precision components parts.

CNC milling machines are highly versatile and may be used to facilitate a variety of cuts and machining operations.  Different CNC machines will have varying spindle configurations that hold and move the workpiece in different ways.

Horizontal Milling: A spindle with a mounted cutting tool is oriented horizontally as it presses against the workpiece.  Horizontal Milling can handle deeper and heavier cuts using thicker and shorter cutting tools.

Vertical Milling: A vertically oriented spindle moves a rotating cutting tool up and down to remove material from a stationary workpiece.  The turret-style milling machine features a spindle and table that moves both perpendicular and parallel to the axis.

Multi-axis Milling: 4-axis and 5-axis CNC mills facilitate highly detailed or complex machine operations.  Multi-axis milling machines move on the X, Y and Z axes, in addition to rotating on the A and B axes.  this allows the workpiece to be approached from any direction, often facilitating multiple operations simultaneous.

CNC Milling Applications

CNC milling can process many different types of metals, plastics and woods to accurately manufacture complex parts. Including everything from tiny precision parts used in spacecraft to large ship propellers. 

Both, CNC milling machines and lathes can mass produce products or be used to manufacture customized parts.

Aerospace: CNC milling plays a vital role in the manufacture of aerospace components and standardizes this process. complexity is the main reason why this industry is so dependent on 5-axis CNC.  Aircraft components often have intricate geometries- frequently including curves and interior cuts- that 5 axis-milling CNC machines are set up for.

Aerospace equipment uses a variety of hard metals and special materials to manufacture parts with functions ranging from decorative to critical.  CNC milling can better complete difficult-to-machine materials, such as Inconel, a nickel-chromium high temperature allows.  Milling is also essential for manufacturing precise steering equipment.

Military: The Defense industry requires tight tolerance for safety-critical applications. 5-axis CNC machines are suitable for production of parts such as turbine blades, submarine parts, engine parts, sensors, weapons and more.

Medical: As a recognized leader in precision machining, our CNC machining services allow us to create custom components to detailed and/or critical specifications. Titanium and stainless steel surgical tools are frequently manufactured with 5-axis machining. These parts must be made to high level of precision and are often made in large quantities, which favors the increase efficiency of 5-axis CNC machine. Machine surgical tools include scalpels, forceps, cutters, spacers, clamps and surgical scissors among others.

Automobiles: 5-axis machining is extensively used in the automotive industry and production of car components such as engine housings, engine covers, valves, inspection jigs, light guides etc.

Molds: 5-axis machining can cut deep mold cavities with minimal tool chatter and maximum precision. 



We offer both, manufacturing and surface finishing of your custom CNC machined parts.

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