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Atomic Machine, Inc. is an industry leading EDM company with 30 years of experience in this high specialized field, we are one of the fastest, most accurate, and most efficient wire cut EDM manufacturers in the industry, utilizing state-of-the-art Wire EDM machining equipment and advanced programming. We can create detailed and complex components with unusual geometries and features to meet nearly any specification within ±0.0001 inches. We are capable of manufacturing even the most intricate parts with perfect accuracy and repeatability, whether you need short production runs, or quantities in the tens of thousands. We offer our customers precision parts and components that match their unique design specifications.  

What is Wire EDM

Wire EDM uses a thin wire composed of copper or brass to conduct electrical current between an electrical source and a electrically conductive base material. The current creates sparks capable of cutting the substrate into pre-programmed designs. The material is submerged in deionized water to prevent overheating or warping, facilitating smooth and precise cuts. Wire EDM is especially valuable for the creation of extremely intricate shapes, complex designs, and geometric angles that are difficult or impossible to create using other manufacturing techniques. Wire EDM of is often used on hard materials such as titanium.


Wire EDM Benefits

At Atomic Machine, Inc. we witness the benefits of Wire EDM cutting perfection with each workpiece produced from our state-of-the-art machines. Beyond seemingly impossible cutting tolerance, wire EDM services offer:

Minimal distortion: Wire EDM is particularly valuable for its ability to cut a wide range of hard, thick, thin, and fragile materials without compromising the surface or edge of the material. Wire EDM can cut nearly any conductive material quickly and accurately without causing damage to the component or cutting equipment.

Extreme accuracy: Wire EDM can be relied upon to provide exceptionally precise cuts, even more accurate than laser or plasma cutting. since there is not pressure applied to the component during the cutting process, the part can be cut to spec without additional finishing.

Part complexity: The ability to produce particularly intricate and detailed shapes, makes wire EDM ideal for producing components that are too small or detailed for other manufacturing methods. 

Wire EDM Applications

Wire EDM's unique benefits make it useful for an extensive range of industries and applications. Some of the common uses are:

Aerospace: Wire EDM is used to manufacture aerospace components because of its need to use extremely hard metals. Wire EDM is highly valued for producing no-fail components in aerospace applications.

Firearms: In order to operate safety, firearms components must be designed and manufactured to an extremely high degree of precision. Since firearm parts are often manufactured of particularly hard materials, wire EDM is the only option to produce accurate components.

Medical: Medical instruments are made with materials that can be difficult to cut to specification.  Wire EDM provides detailed and accurate cuts in even the hardest conductive materials for use in medical instruments.             




We offer both, manufacturing and surface finishing of your CNC machined parts.

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