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Since its founding, 30 years ago, Atomic Machine Inc. has provided competent expertise and skills with the latest precision Swiss CNC turning and technology. We have constantly striven for improvement to ensure we continue to meet the changing needs of our customers.  Our goal is to take your request and provide you with high quality components down to the smallest details. We look forward to speaking with you about your manufacturing needs. 

What is CNC Swiss Machining

Swiss Turning is the perfect choice for manufacturing ultra-precise tolerance small and complicated parts without any error. 

In the CNC Swiss lathe process, several sets of tools remain stationary as the lathe moves long the Z-axis, so its tooling does not move as in a lathe, allowing the machine to perform several operations on the same piece in a shorter amount of time.. These machines feature a bushing and collet that hold the workpiece, so that tooling always cuts into it millimeters from the edge of where it's held. Swiss machines are also capable of machining up to 13 axis' and performing milling and threading operations.  This method of lathe operation offers greater versatility, producing parts that are complete without any need for secondary finishing. A CNC Swiss machine can rotate a part at to 10,000RPM at an accuracy level of 0.0002 to 0.0005 inches.


CNC Swiss Turning  Benefits

The greatest benefit of CNC Swiss turning is the convenience of single set up. CNC Swiss turning produces small components with complex profiles and configurations with close tolerances regardless of the size of the part or whether it is a narrow diameter cylindrical component, has thin walls, requires deep cuts or more intricate features. Ultra-precise tolerances from CNC Swiss machined parts are at @0.002" and can manufacture parts measuring 2 to 32mm in diameter that are up to 14" long.

CNC Swiss Applications

With industries trending towards miniaturization, Atomic Machine, Inc. has proven capabilities to Swiss machine the smallest components with a high degree of accuracy and consistency. We utilize Swiss turning machine tools built for extreme rigidity and process stability. This is key in machining components for the medical, aerospace and defense industry which requires a high degree of accuracy.  Extreme rigidity enables Swiss turning of a wide variety of material including titanium, stainless steel, precious metals, MP35N, PEEK, Ultem, etc. 




We offer both manufacturing and surface finishing of your custom CNC machined parts.

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