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Custom CNC Turning Services

Atomic Machine, Inc is an experienced precision manufacturer and has been specialized in offering some of the best contract manufacturing services for decades. We can produce in high volumes and have a broad range of capabilities. Our advanced machines routinely work with a wide variety of materials, ranging from plastics to copper, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and titanium. We can always choose a suitable precision turning process to meet your requirements.  Our custom CNC machining ensures that our customers receive the highest quality parts.

What is CNC Turning Services

CNC Turning centers have multitasking capabilities, they are capable of rotating a workpiece incrementally, which means milling operations can be performed with rotating tooling in both angular and radial movements. This enables the production of extraordinary parts beyond simple turned components, such as off center and angular drillings on machine part assembly and Y-axis milling.  Our turning centers can produce the accurate tolerances within 0.0003" consistently:

  • From the first part to the last part in a batch or run.

  • In high volumes as well as low volumes runs.

Our ability to repeatedly produce high-tolerance parts has made Atomic Machine, Inc. one of the leaders in the industry for turning and shaping metals. We can manufacture cylindrical or oblong shapes in which the material is rotated at a high speed while the cutting tools moves in a linear fashion to create very precise parts.  The precision and accuracy of the turning process has made it a highly utilized method for short runs, and high-volume production of precision turned components for a variety of industries.

 CNC turning process is adaptable and versatile with the ability to produce almost any configuration in a component.  All spindle speeds and all axis feed rates can be fine-tuned to handle more difficult machine metals and alloys.


CNC Turning Services Benefits

Regardless of your industry, if you require complex parts and components, precision CNC turn-mill lathes are the ideal choice for projects that require a variety of different processes. These machines are a multi-function version of traditional CNC machines and are typically utilized in scenarios where complex work pieces should be produced in a single operation.  Atomic Machine Inc. is capable of manufacturing quality finished components to your specifications. We have the advantage of having a high qualified work force and the latest CNC turning machine operations. 

Precision, accuracy, consistency and repeatability. We understand that accuracy is critical and every cut performed needs to be perfect from the first to the last component completed in a production run.


Flexibility over diverse applications is another benefit to working with Atomic Machine. Our CNC turning services work over a wide range of sizes. Our turning centers are equipped with 18 to 0.5 inch diameters to match the need of our customers.

CNC Turning Applications

CNC turning is the only industrial process to choose when making production volumes of concentric shapes or threaded features. And because of the rigid construction of a CNC lathe there is little vibration, which means CNC turning can offer high levels of dimensional accuracy with excellent surface finishes. This reliability and exactness of CNC turned component have made CNC turning the go-to method for designers and design engineers in manufacturing for the aerospace, medical, power generation, high-end electronics, satellite communication, radar, defense, and other mission-critical industries where quality is essential. Precision CNC turning always rises to the challenge to meet the exacting standards of these industries.  Components manufactured for these mission-critical industries must be flawlessly produced to the most minute detail from the first part approval through to the last production run.




We offer both, manufacturing and surface finishing of your custom CNC machined parts.

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